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Ramar-Hall Inc. Supplier Terms and Conditions

  1. Suppliers are required to deliver product which is compliant to the latest revision of all a drawings, operation sheets, specifications, special processes and clear identification of customer end-user.
  2. Suppliers are responsible to employ personnel who are qualified for special processing when applicable.
  3. Suppliers are to maintain a written quality system which meets proper industry standards.
  4. Suppliers are to maintain documentation of applicable specifications, drawings, inspection instructions, test reports and other relevant technical data at their facility. Supplier'S records are to be maintained and available for a minimum of ten years and forty years for flight safety product.
  5. Ramar-Hall Inc., regulatory authorities and its customers have a Right of Access to our supplier's facility. At any level of the supply chain Ramar-Hall Inc., regulatory authorities and customers have access to all applicable documents and records.
  6. Suppliers are to notify Ramar-Hall Inc. of changes in product, process definition, process approval, changes to facilities location and where required obtain Ramar-Hall Inc.'s approval for such change.
  7. Suppliers to notify Ramar-Hall Inc. of nonconforming product (supplier escape) within 24 hours of detection. Suppliers are required to complete a root cause and corrective action within 30 days of MR date issued. Suppliers are required to issue an RMA after disposition of Material Review. Suppliers may be responsible for costs and fines incurred by Ramar-Hall Inc. and cost incurred by its customers.
  8. Suppliers to flow down to its sub-tier suppliers all applicable critical items including key characteristics where required.
  9. Ramar-Hall Inc. expects our suppliers to share our high standards for Environmental Health and Safety.
  10. Suppliers subject to evaluation of OTD and Quality Performance
  11. S uppliers are required to use Customer approved designated sources including Special Processing
  12. Suppliers shall not use and or provide counterfeit products
  13. Suppliers shall communicate to its employees' their contribution of product compliance and the importance of ethical behavior 
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