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Precision Machining & Assembly Since 1956
Established in 1956, Ramar-Hall Inc. is a AS9100 Certified Precision Machining & Assembly Facility for The Aerospace & Military Industries

Our expertise is providing products and services to both the military and commercial aerospace industry. This includes components for electronic engine control, flight systems, large and small gas turbine engines, and rotary aircraft hardware.

We are truly a global company, with world-class customers such as Hamilton Sundstrand, Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky Aircraft, Helicoptor Support, Techspace Aero, GKN, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Pratt & Whitney Overhaul & Repair.

Well done!
I very much appreciate Ramar-Hall’s efforts in getting us these covers so quickly. This puts us in position to begin recovery to schedule with PWC and salvage our SEC sales plan for the month. Well done - thanks again!

- Hamilton Sundstrand

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